Monday, February 5, 2007

A Sick Boy

Quick post. Collin has had a high fever since Saturday along with a bad headache. He's been in bed or on the couch ever since, needing lots of mothering.

My husband left for San Diego. I'm sure he'll be thinking of us while he wears short sleeves and walks in the sand. Okay, so he went to a banking convention and it can't be that exciting but at least it's not cold. He'll be back on Wednesday.

Cambryn finally got to play her first basketball game and her team won! She was so excited. She was the smallest player out there but made up for it in aggression. She knows how to play some defense. She also brought the ball upcourt some and she made good passes. A wonderful debut if I say so myself.

Monday I should have lots of time to finish my freebie since I'll be confined to the house. It's not a small project.

No pictures, no layouts, no links this time. I'll be back soon, though. Stay well and keep away from fevers!

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