Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas Card

Just in case yours hasn't come in the mail yet. :o)
Cambryn is laughing because my husband was standing behind me doing something funny. I'm better off not knowing what it was. Let's just say the end justified the means.

I hope your Christmas was very, very merry.

p.s. I have a new camera.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of my mom's passions is genealogy. She spends a lot of time researching our family tree and often calls me all excited about filling in a missing piece of our heritage or meeting another long-lost relative online. I'm fascinated by our direct lineage but when she starts in on distant cousins or in-laws I can't help but get lost. Tonight she caught my attention, though. I'd like you to meet my 10th cousin...


And my other 10th cousin...


My husband, ever hard to impress, has always said if you go back far enough, we're ALL cousins. This probably proves his point.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Rejects

I'll admit, even I've checked my blog to see if I've updated it yet. And been disappointed. I'm finally here to fix that, thank goodness.

Do you have one of those perfect families that turns up the Christmas music, pours the eggnog, and snaps a photo of your beautifully dressed, well-behaved children in the blink of an eye? Oh, maybe you'll take TWO photos, just so you can choose the better one? Well, that's not our family.

Here are a few photos from one of three different sittings on different days. One constant you will see is Collin's ever ready, sweet smile. Another constant you'll see is Cambryn's inability to sit still. Throw in the puppy, and it's a real party.

"Cambryn, you'll need to stop talking while I take the picture. And could you get Angel to sit up and look at me?"

"OK, don't choke her. Whoops, caught you blinking!"

"Nope, I blurred it. Cambryn, you need to raise your head up, please, and I think you're still choking Angel."

"No, Angel! Don't bite Cambryn!"

"Collin, why don't you try holding Angel this time. And Cambryn, quit making goofy faces, please."

"Ummm, Collin's in focus; Cambryn, you're not. Why don't we just take a break. Maybe we can do better next time."

Yes, it's gotten a little easier as they've gotten older. When they were toddler and infant, I actually cried! Thankfully no tears were shed in the making of this year's card, which I will now address and mail. Some might actually arrive before Christmas. There's always (Christmas) hope!