Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poet and Don't Know It

I usually blog in the middle of the night
when everyone else is sleeping tight
but lately instead of being wired
at bedtime, I've actually been tired!

And while I've gotten a bit more sleep,
I've totally ignored the hobbies I keep
but as soon as I have some awake time that's free
I'll get back to doing the things that are me.


I don't have a new layout but I'm pulling one from my gallery just to make sure you realize my dad is healthy and able to wash his own hair. And if that doesn't make sense, please read my previous post.

Click image to view larger.
Credits here.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cambryn is Funny

Here's another Cambryn story for you. When I told it to my husband at dinner I laughed so hard I cried. She doesn't lack imagination.

For homework Cambryn brought a list of ten sentences she needed to rewrite because she had written her words so closely together, each sentence looked like one gigantic word. It was a list of her responsibilities. Some examples were "I clean my room." Yeah, right. "I wash the dishes." Uh...as in the imaginary ones in her mind, I guess. "I get the mail." Yes, she does that.

So I was helping with spacing and spelling and the scene picks up at sentence number eight.........

Leslie: I can't read this one. What does this say?
Cambryn: I wash my grandpa's hair.
Leslie: What?!! I wash my grandpa's hair?
Cambryn: Yeah.
Leslie: You don't wash grandpa's hair!
Cambryn: I do when you're not looking.
Leslie: Cambryn, You've never washed grandpa's hair.
Cambryn: Oh, OK.

The end.

I mean, really.

I immediately called my dad to let him know Cambryn was thinking about him. For the record, he's perfectly capable of washing his own hair. If he ever needs help, though, I've got just the person for the job.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back to Life

Yikes! I've lost a big chunk of time. The good news is that I'm finally dismantling my sickbed on the couch.

I made a semi-coherent decision not to blog while I was sick. Let's just say I had what Cambryn had and tomorrow I think I'll try on some skinny jeans and pretend I've been on a great diet.

Late Valentine's Eve I rallied to get started on the kids' class valentines. A normal person would've just gone to Target for some flashy foil Spiderman cards. I, however, was up half the night scrapping, printing and cutting! The kids got them addressed before school so it was all good.

You'll have to use your imagination because I don't have a photo of the finished products. These are treat bag toppers. They were folded in half longways and stapled onto the top of plastic ziploc bags filled with candy. The kids all thought they were super cool.
His Valentine
Credits Here

Her Valentine
Credits Here

I'm anxious to get back to real life, including blogging and scrapping. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope it was special.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sick in Bullets

I would really rather post something fun or cute but good grief, this is our real life.

  • Collin still sick
  • Collin went back to school
  • Got called to pick Cambryn up at school and she threw up the rest of the day
  • My husband got home from his trip
  • I started feeling sick, but maybe just exhausted?
Thursday (so far)
  • Cambryn stayed home again
  • I somehow got the school newsletter finished and sent in
  • Got called to pick Collin up at school as he had fever, headache and fatigue
  • My husband got groceries during his lunch hour
And that brings us up to date. When I signed Collin out today we were on the bottom of a whole page full of signed-out sick kids. It's everywhere!

On the bright side Cambryn has been much easier this time around. Perfectly neat, with her double-lined trash can, lol, and no crying, either. Wow.

We all hope to get well one of these days. I hope you're either healthy or you get that way soon!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Safety Pins Freebie

I think the freebie is finished but I'm so tired I could be delirious and linking to an empty file. Hope not. Here's what it's supposed to have in it. You'll never have to look for another safety pin again...
Download here.
[Note: some pins in preview may look a bit wonky but they don't look like that in .png file.]
[download expired]

As for Collin, he still has a high fever with headache and dizziness. Usually when he's sick he just sleeps on the couch. Today, however, he needed me about every five minutes. No, I exaggerate. Every ten minutes.

We saw his doctor for strep and flu tests. They were both negative.

I need to remember to cancel my hair appointment in the morning. Does anyone want to call me and remind me? Unless Collin could go sleep on a massage table somewhere while I get my hair done! I doubt that they would go for that.

My husband keeps calling to see how we're doing. He also keeps mentioning how great the weather is in San Diego. I think he said it was 75F today. It was about 60F here, though, so not too bad.

Obviously my secret painting mission got canceled when Collin got sick. Now I'll just have to do it right in front of my husband's face somehow but you know I'll at least start while he's at work. That way I'll have a lot done by the time he knows what's happening, lol. I've learned a few things in thirteen years of marriage.

Okay, I'm exhausted. Tomorrow will be more of the same. If you stayed away from fevers, good for you. If you didn't, drink lots of water!

A Sick Boy

Quick post. Collin has had a high fever since Saturday along with a bad headache. He's been in bed or on the couch ever since, needing lots of mothering.

My husband left for San Diego. I'm sure he'll be thinking of us while he wears short sleeves and walks in the sand. Okay, so he went to a banking convention and it can't be that exciting but at least it's not cold. He'll be back on Wednesday.

Cambryn finally got to play her first basketball game and her team won! She was so excited. She was the smallest player out there but made up for it in aggression. She knows how to play some defense. She also brought the ball upcourt some and she made good passes. A wonderful debut if I say so myself.

Monday I should have lots of time to finish my freebie since I'll be confined to the house. It's not a small project.

No pictures, no layouts, no links this time. I'll be back soon, though. Stay well and keep away from fevers!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm a Cartoon

Guess who this is supposed to be! I discovered this fun site on Michelle Underwood's blog. You can create yourself, lol. Go ahead, it's free.

I started working on a new freebie. Here's a hint, but not a big one: it involves scanning and tedious, meticulous extraction. Umm, which I enjoy for some reason. My husband is sooo the opposite of that. He's the total big picture guy and I'm all about the details.

Forest, what forest? Heck, what tree? All I can see are the bark patterns and veins in the leaves.

Oh, for those wondering...no, he hasn't noticed the new wall color in the dining room yet. I really don't think he's going to until I point it out. He's not colorblind. Maybe it's just too small of a detail to notice.

It's snowing again.

That's not normal around here!

We're going to Crested Butte, CO over spring break but by then I may be sick of snow. It's something I don't mind traveling to. I just don't particularly want to live in it.

Okay, I'm off to do some housework. I hope you're safe and warm.