Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cambryn is Funny

Here's another Cambryn story for you. When I told it to my husband at dinner I laughed so hard I cried. She doesn't lack imagination.

For homework Cambryn brought a list of ten sentences she needed to rewrite because she had written her words so closely together, each sentence looked like one gigantic word. It was a list of her responsibilities. Some examples were "I clean my room." Yeah, right. "I wash the dishes." in the imaginary ones in her mind, I guess. "I get the mail." Yes, she does that.

So I was helping with spacing and spelling and the scene picks up at sentence number eight.........

Leslie: I can't read this one. What does this say?
Cambryn: I wash my grandpa's hair.
Leslie: What?!! I wash my grandpa's hair?
Cambryn: Yeah.
Leslie: You don't wash grandpa's hair!
Cambryn: I do when you're not looking.
Leslie: Cambryn, You've never washed grandpa's hair.
Cambryn: Oh, OK.

The end.

I mean, really.

I immediately called my dad to let him know Cambryn was thinking about him. For the record, he's perfectly capable of washing his own hair. If he ever needs help, though, I've got just the person for the job.

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Julie said...

Hilarious story today! It made me smile. Have a great weekend!