Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Collin has reached a new milestone in his tween development: he now will not allow me to put sunscreen on him in public. Apparently it's the kiss of death for a ten-year old to be seen with his mom rubbing him down with lotion. Instead, my job is to watch him put it on himself and carefully monitor the level of absorption. This is our new routine:

Step 1. He applies, rubs, then asks, "Is it all rubbed in? Can you still see it?"
Step 2. We repeat Step 1 a thousand million times until his skin is covered and there aren't any white splotches.

It would be so much faster and easier for me to rub it in. I'd hate to stunt his development, though.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Year in the Life

Since my one devoted reader is begging for an update, specifically about the book I'm reading, I will oblige. Although tempted to simply give the name of the book and its author, I will include my own brief book review. I'm quite sure my reader will hasten to the nearest bookstore and buy the book so that we might engage in lengthy discussions of its contents. Or maybe he'll just be bored out of his skull by this blog post and quit asking for more.

The book is A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599 by James Shapiro.
This is a detailed study of the significant political and cultural events of 1599 that would have influenced Shakespeare's writing. It was during that year that he wrote Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and Hamlet, and erected the Globe theater. I recommend it to all readers interested in Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, and British military history. Although it sometimes reads like a textbook, it is well-written and interesting.

If you're not interested in the book maybe you'll at least be interested in some of the places I've been reading it.
  • on my bed
  • on Collin's bed
  • on Cambryn's bed
  • in the bathtub
  • on the couch in the family room
  • on the couch in the study
  • in the car during softball practice
  • in the car before baseball games
  • in the car between basketball games
  • in the carpool line at school
  • at my parents' house
  • at the pool
  • on my patio
  • on our trampoline
I have absolutely no idea how to make this post any more interesting, so there you have it.