Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sick in Bullets

I would really rather post something fun or cute but good grief, this is our real life.

  • Collin still sick
  • Collin went back to school
  • Got called to pick Cambryn up at school and she threw up the rest of the day
  • My husband got home from his trip
  • I started feeling sick, but maybe just exhausted?
Thursday (so far)
  • Cambryn stayed home again
  • I somehow got the school newsletter finished and sent in
  • Got called to pick Collin up at school as he had fever, headache and fatigue
  • My husband got groceries during his lunch hour
And that brings us up to date. When I signed Collin out today we were on the bottom of a whole page full of signed-out sick kids. It's everywhere!

On the bright side Cambryn has been much easier this time around. Perfectly neat, with her double-lined trash can, lol, and no crying, either. Wow.

We all hope to get well one of these days. I hope you're either healthy or you get that way soon!

1 comment:

tina said...

Sorry you are all sick - hope you are better soon! With little ones, once one gets sick- the others usually follow. My husband says he has had a cold since the first grandbaby was born - 4 YEARS AGO! Oh well, those kisses are worth it! Tina