Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick Post

I'm short on time but here are a couple of new things to look at. The first is a picture of a wall. My mom wanted to know what color I painted my dining room so here it is:

The walls were previously a deep red with blue tones and now they're a deep red with yellow tones, aka "flowerpot."

Are you curious about what my husband had to say?

Husband: (home for an hour) "I smell paint. What have you been up to?"
Leslie: "Oh, nothing."

The end.

He hasn't noticed that the walls are a different color. Hmmm.

The other thing to look at is this new layout of my sister and me.

Click image to view larger.
See credits here.

I hope to post another freebie sometime this weekend. OK, back to my domestic kingdom for laundering of royal garments and washing of silver goblets. Bye!


Julie said...

Hi, Leslie. I've just found your blog this week and have enjoyed reading your comments. That story about the secret painting project is hilarious! I hope no ill effects came of it (based on your previous experiences). Maybe your husband will see your wall this weekend. We'd love to hear about his reaction. Have a nice weekend!

tina said...

Just a note to say hi- its nice to see someone from my home town doing the digi-scrap thing. I do enjoy reading your blog (its on my daily list). I now live about 50 miles south of the city - thats still neighbors to us okies! Have a good day - Tina

phoxy4 said...

hi leslie i happened upon your blog this week too and i love the new wall color. my husband wouldn't notice either he's completely color blind which works to my advantage :)

Carolyn said...

GReat LO and pretty wall : )

sausan said...

Hi Leslie! TY for your nice pm, it took me some time to find your blog, though (so sorry - I'm a dork LOL) i loved your LO with my kit and I wanted to thank you for creating it, again!
Oh and I love your wall color..I have my kitchen painted red ( a bit more red though) and I love it! So you did a great job!! ;)
Have a great day, best wishes from rainy Germany to you