Monday, January 22, 2007

Back in School

Woo hoo! After a week of iced-in togetherness the kids are back in school. Now I can reclaim the house and try to get it in working order again. If that's possible.

Here are a some photos taken when I ventured out for a couple of cold minutes, LOL.
We don't get pretty "snow" this often so I wanted a picture of our house in it. Remember, though, it looks like snow but it was ICE, or at least a heavy layer of ice covering the snow.
Cambryn wanted to go outside and slide around so I went out and took some pictures, mostly blurry. I asked her to stand still for this one so she decided to strike a pose, which is why she looks so, er, posed. What makes this totally Cambryn is (1) she has one blue mitten and one black mitten and (2) she had marked all over her face with a marker (forehead and nose, maybe not so noticeable here). Thankfully it wasn't a permanent marker this time.

Collin spent a lot of time with his friend Alex who lives two doors down as they alternated houses every few hours. Cambryn's playmates had to be imported, LOL. We don't know any girls her age in our neighborhood.

Thanks to all who have left comments about the quotes freebie. Judging by the number of comments it seems mildly popular but when I looked at the number of downloads I was shocked. Now I know why everyone always begs downloaders to leave comments: because hardly anyone does. It would just be nice to see who's actually grabbing it. I'm happy that people seem to like it, though.

Well, off to tackle the house and laundry. An exciting day, for sure!


Gina Rae said...

Wow your house is soooo pretty!

Thanks for the e-mail. :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Leslie, so glad to see your blog up and running! I'm just a couple of hours north and we're reeling from the snow as well!

Michelle -talonsmommy said...

Oh man, I love your house!! Love your banner, too!!! Your blog looks great! ;)

Michelle -talonsmommy said...

Oh...and I linked your blog to my blog! ;)