Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Never Say Never

I've been wanting to give back to the digital scrap community that has been so very generous to me with their freebies and a blog seems to be the way to do it so here I am, the person who didn't expect to have a blog.

Maybe my family can hop on and catch an update on the kids when they want. Maybe I'll actually document some of those funny things my kids say that I never write down. First, though, I'll do a practice run to make sure I can do this. It took a lot of determination to get that custom header in place!

It's Wednesday and we haven't had school all week because of ice. Tomorrow's a bust, too. My friend Christi wants to call the principal and report that her kids would be a lot safer going to school in hazardous driving conditions than they would be spending one more day at home with her.

The major streets are cleared but everywhere else is solid ice. It looks like several inches of picture postcard white snow but it's not! You don't walk in it, you slide on top of it. No footprints. It could be worse, though. My parents haven't had electricity since Saturday. Just a generator for the fridge and a couple of space heaters, plus lots of candles and bulky clothes. Luckily they still have hot water.

Okay, for my grand finale I'm going to post a layout done for designer Michelle Underwood. She has really been cranking out some great kits. I have no idea how she designs so quickly. My brain just doesn't go that fast.
Click image to view larger.
Credits found here.

Until next time, keep warm!

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

This is a gorgeous layout and such a beautiful photo.:) I laughed so hard when I read what your friend Christy said about calling the Principal.LOL..I can relate to that even though it has been years since my kids were small.:)
Have a wonderful day!