Thursday, March 1, 2007


Yea me! I finally got a page scrapped during this dry spell of creativity. One that involves an Elvis impersonator, no less.

We have friends, two couples, who throw a big valentine party every two years and alternately host it in their homes. They have big homes so the parties are always big but last year one couple moved to an even bigger home (read "mansion") so this year's party was huge!! There were 200 people in their house, not including caterers and servers and photographers and coat checkers and valet parkers and Elvis.

[I wonder how many spills there were on their new floors and furniture. My husband and I did see a meatball in marinara smashed into some sisal carpet.]

We had a great time, it was fun seeing everyone, and as usual we were the first to leave, lol. We were home in bed by 11:00. We got a picture with Elvis to prove we were there, though!

Click image to view larger.
Credits here.

We're in the thick of kids' activities. This week holds the usual practices and lessons plus a basketball party for which I had to decorate because the original volunteer had to go to a funeral, Cambryn's 1st grade musical program at school on two consecutive days, and Collin's post-season basketball tournament this weekend. It was also my week (every third) to do the school newsletter.

Could someone please come and finish my laundry while I do all this running around?

Oh well. It was worth a try. Bye for now!

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