Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fifth Grade

This morning our fifth grader began her official tour of duty. So far, so good. There were friends in her class, the lunch was edible and, best of all, her new teacher gave each student gifts: a silly band, a mechanical pencil, a bookmark, and a juice box. What more could a girl want?

I'm reminded of my own fifth grade teacher a few (many) years ago who absolutely did not lavish gifts on our class. She had already taught way too long to be pleasant. She wasn't nurturing, she didn't appreciate humor, and she was married to the principal.

I'm happy Cambryn is excited about her teacher. I'm happy she gets so excited over a silly band, mechanical pencil, bookmark and juice box! Thanks, Mrs. Marlin. We should all be so lucky.

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Aunt Jo said...

We got an awesome teacher too!! My fifth grade teacher was a man. That was so odd to me as a child. I ended up loving Mr. Gambill. He taught us what 'regurgitate' meant.