Friday, September 11, 2009

My Place

Whenever my husband visits my hometown, this is his go-to restaurant. Great food, great prices. It's been one of my favorites since I was a kid.

There used to be another barbecue place in town called Slick's, which gained some notoriety after a mention in Playboy back in the '70s. It was well-known for its food, but I was too afraid to go there because of all the Slick stories that circulated around town.

Once a friend tried to use a coupon with his meal and Slick didn't want to honor it so when my friend protested that the coupon hadn't expired yet, Slick quietly pulled a pistol out from behind the counter and laid it next to the cash register.

Not to mention that the waitstaff would swat flies with the same rags they cleaned the tables.

My Place has always been my favorite.

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Bill Hensley said...

I can fully concur with My Place. It's pretty darn good.

Slick's was always really good, even if the floor tilted at crazy angles, and the flies buzzed everywhere. The wait staff was always super friendly, but Mr. Slick didn't usually have much to say. He always handled payments; the story I heard a lot was that a waitress had made off with a bit of money, and he wouldn't let that happen again.

My favorite meal there was an order of ribs and an order of chopped brisket.

Cheers, Bill