Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, here's a look at my mom during each decade of my life.

The 1960s: She had three babies within four years. She was a homemaker and occasional beautician, helping my dad through college and graduate school.

The 1970s: She attended college and graduate school, then became an elementary school teacher. This is what she looked like when I was in high school. People started mistaking us for sisters.

The 1980s: She and Dad put all three of us through college, then helped my brother through law school.

(Dear Mom, I know you don't like your "big hair" pictures but it would ruin my theme to leave this out.)

The 1990s: She became a mother-in-law and grandmother, and buried her parents. She survived Dad's cancer, as did he. She retired early.

The 2000s: She's rarely apart from Dad now that he's semi-retired. They're hand-in-hand, thick as thieves, indivisible.

She continues to inspire me with her appreciation of beauty and art, her boundless energy, hard work, and most of all, her passion for family.

Mom, thanks for having me. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog surprise! I love you, too. We were so proud of you when you were born, that we took you around to show you off to the neighbors. We didn't wait for them to call on us. We're still very proud of you, and Collin and Cambryn are so fortunate to have you for their (beautiful, brainy, talented, loving) mother. (You're right about the hair.) Love you, Mom

Aunt Jo said...

I especially love your mom's mad organizing skills. :o) haha

The daughter-fruit didn't fall from the mama-tree.