Saturday, May 2, 2009

American Girl

I never said this blog was chronological and speaking of birthdays, we celebrated Cambryn's back in January. She turned nine this year. That's pretty amazing considering I'm only two years older than I was when she was born.

So here's a special pic from nine years ago. Most moms have lots of these; I have one. Most moms are wearing gowns; I had on a black t-shirt. Spending the night with Cambryn in our own hospital room was very cool.

Cambryn needed an extra 24 hours in the
hospital to develop her sucking reflex.

Fast forward nine years and my mother-in-law and I took Cambryn on a road trip to the American Girl store and bistro in Dallas for her birthday. Cambryn was thrilled!

[Note to anyone thinking about doing this: don't even consider taking male family members to the American Girl store or bistro. Trust me. Take Dad's credit card but leave Dad at home.]

I couldn't help but wonder how many more years she'll get this excited about dolls. And doll clothes. And doll furniture. And doll pets. And everything else imaginable and even a few things you'd never think of for dolls.

Cambryn at lunch in the bistro with Julie, her brown-eyed blond doll. We were pleading with Cambryn to smile sweetly for the camera.

The "real" Cambryn with Julie and Ivy.

We haven't had a dull moment in at least nine years.

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