Saturday, October 10, 2009


Several weeks ago we tragically lost our sweet Angel. The accident happened in a flash and Angel never suffered, yet we suffered her loss terribly. We were devastated. We were struggling with our grief. We were barely able to stay at home without her.

Finally I had no choice. I started looking for another puppy...

and this photo caught my eye.

She was a liver pepper parti mini schnauzer, just like Angel, and she even looked a lot like Angel. Too much, perhaps?

We decided on her sister...

who was also beautiful but darker, with her own distinctive look.

After waiting a couple of weeks until she was weaned, I drove to a neighboring state to pick her up. As soon as I got there I excitedly scooped her up, so happy to finally hold another puppy of our own, and then I saw her sister. The one who reminded me of Angel.

It was sooo hard to leave one behind. I even called my husband to see if I could bring both of them home with me. He, however, was far away and somewhat objective so I reluctantly left with just one of them.

Meet Coco.

We're so thrilled to have her. She's sweet, playful, snuggly, and very good medicine for healing hearts. We will take the very best care of her that we can and we look forward to many, many happy years together.

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