Monday, June 22, 2009

Preacher's Kid

My dad is a minister. He's been a pastor, a military chaplain, a hospital chaplain, and now an interim preacher. That makes me a preacher's kid, something people find intriguing.

Everyone: "What's it like having a dad who's a minister?
What's it like having a dad who's not a minister?

Almost Everyone: There are only two kinds of preacher's kids. Are you the really good kind or the really bad kind?"
Young Leslie:
The really good kind.
(Older Leslie:
None of your business.)

It also intimidates people. I once invited a college friend to go home with me for the weekend. She got all freaked out.

Friend: I can't go stay at your house!
Why not?
Because I sin every five minutes!

Friends have often said they feel like my dad can see right through them. That's just a combination of their guilty consciences and my dad's ability to look people in the eyes and truly listen to what they are saying. There's no way he has x-ray vision or I wouldn't have survived my teen years.

Luckily for me, perfection wasn't part of the preacher's kid job description. My dad would assure you it wasn't part of his job description either, but I think he comes pretty close.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, LR. This is one of the things I like about blogs, you can learn something about a person that it might take a lifetime of reunions to find out otherwise.

Aunt Jo said...

I would hope the benefits of being a PK would far outweigh the negatives. :o)

PS I love your Dad.