Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here's proof that at least three of us went skiing over spring break. I took the picture so you'll just have to trust that I was there.

Or realize the likelihood that my husband would take the kids on a ski trip without me. Yeah, not happening.

See Forever, Telluride, CO

Notice the lack of jackets (jacket-lacking?). The temp was in the 50s, so great spring ski weather.

Cambryn was the "pink bullet," fast and efficient. She only made turns if she had to; she's pretty much a "point 'em straight down the mountain" kind of girl.

Collin, the snowboarder, got back on skis for the first time since age three. Wise choice, due to the snow conditions. His comparison of the two: with skiing there's just one direction to fall but with snowboarding, you can fall all over the place. In other words, skiing is easier.

They kept up just fine on the blue slopes.

Peaks Resort, Telluride, CO

Cambryn was equally excited about the indoor/outdoor pool with the 2-story slide. Which reminds me that the last time we stayed in Tulsa for a basketball tournament (Doubletree at Warren Place with its awesome indoor pool), Cambryn declared it the best vacation she'd ever had. Forget the beaches, mountains, and amusement parks. All she needs is a nice pool and a hotel bed to jump on.

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