Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything Princess

I'm still sharing old Halloween pics here because nobody asked me to stop. Hopefully I'll be done with Halloween by Christmas so I can start in on Thanksgiving before New Year's. Because that's how I roll.

Little Ballerina Princess
The pink costume included a tiara and tutu which she could easily remove. And did.

Bride Princess, age 3
Here she is, practicing her dreamy look for the future groom. Oh, wait. Now I remember. Her memaw wanted to take a picture but Cambryn couldn't take her eyes off the TV long enough to look at the camera so she's killing two birds with one stone, posing and watching TV all at once.

2004 (maybe)
Rapunzel Princess
Are you detecting a theme yet? No matter what she was, she was a princess. You don't think this sweet girl would ever be a scary ole zombie, do you? Of course not!

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Zombie Bride Princess


Aunt Jo said...


Our girls make pretty princesses!

Uncle Joe said...

please stop.

just kidding.

I love zombie bride princesses!

Uncle Joe said...