Monday, July 14, 2008

New Mexico Cabin

Several days ago I tried to post these vacation photos along with witty captions and after 45 minutes of work, I ended up with a bunch of error codes and no post. I'm uploading them again but I'm just not feeling the wit at this moment.

Let me just say that we have a dear friend, Howard, who has a cabin outside of Taos, NM and he lets us use it whenever we want. And well, we've "wanted" to pretty much every year since 1992 so it feels like a home away from home.

Some notes:

1) The landscape photo with the bridge is a view from the back deck. Carson National Forest is on the other side of that fence.

2) Howard has toys at the cabin: mini-bike, four-wheeler, hot tub, satellite TV.

3) He also has mom toys (dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer) but I didn't take photos of those. It's a log cabin but we don't exactly rough it.

4) There was a brown bear hanging out in the neighborhood all week but we didn't get a photo of him.

5) An analogy: Cambryn : creek as other kids : Disneyworld.


Aunt Jo said...

You totally fell into my trap to update this blog. :o) haha

Beautiful pictures. I bet the air is nice and fresh....except for the exhaust fumes from the toys. haha

Mom toys are: whirlpool tub, personal masseuse and a hammock you silly goose!

I think I could rough it there for a few weeks. Does Howard need any more friends?? :o) I make some mean cookies that I can bribe him with. Will you be a reference for me?

Love Cambryn in those boots and with the bubble by the stream.

Collin looks like one happy boy on that motorcycle! What kid wouldn't be??

Where are the pictures of you??

lesliereid said...

Where are the pictures of you??

Ha ha ha!!! That's hilarious, AJ. There are no pictures of me from the trip. I have a no-picture-taking family.

Howard is popular so I'm not sure if he needs more friends. I'd vouch for you, though.

nanatrish said...

Hey..first time visitor. I found you by way of Aunt Jo. I like her blog and was reading along and saw your reference so there I went. The cabin is wonderful. My husband and I stayed in one a lot like it on our honeymoon 18 years ago. I know you must have had the best time. Drop by and see me sometime. Trish