Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Collin has reached a new milestone in his tween development: he now will not allow me to put sunscreen on him in public. Apparently it's the kiss of death for a ten-year old to be seen with his mom rubbing him down with lotion. Instead, my job is to watch him put it on himself and carefully monitor the level of absorption. This is our new routine:

Step 1. He applies, rubs, then asks, "Is it all rubbed in? Can you still see it?"
Step 2. We repeat Step 1 a thousand million times until his skin is covered and there aren't any white splotches.

It would be so much faster and easier for me to rub it in. I'd hate to stunt his development, though.


Uncle Joe said...

You know moms can be SO uncool sometimes.
My mom used to make me go in the Hair Salon with her when I was a kid.
The very last time, I refused to go in because I didn't want anybody to see me in a ladies Hair Salon.
I stood outside and watched through the window.
Mom never could figure that one out.

Aunt Jo said...

two words: spray sunscreen

i remember the very day that carly got embarrassed of me. we were at skate night for her school and she asked me NOT to skate. it was a very sad day. it was yesterday. just kidding. i would be thrilled beyond belief if it was that close....i have been embarassing her for years now. i am not sure if i can make it through her teens without stunting her. apparently my new job is to just drive her around, never speak and remain calm at all times.